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The Ploos van Amstel Family Tree

The Ploos van Amstel Coat of Arms

The Ploos Van Amstel family tree has been extensively chronicled in a book called De Dolerenden van 1886 en hun Nageslacht, published in 1990 and edited by P.van Beek, Dr. D. Th. Kuiper and J.C. Okkema. I'm not sure of the exact translation but its something like The Grievers of 1886 and their Ancestry. Grievers is a reference to grievances or complaints, not to sorrow over the passing of a loved one. This 634 page tome traces the ancestry of people connected with the founding of the Dutch Christian Reformed Church including one of my mother's ancestors.

It seems that in 1834 there was a dissident movement within the Dutch Reformed Church in Holland. In 1886 another dissident movement also split from the main church. The split was based on objections to liberalization within the church. These dissidents united to form a new church, the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands in 1892. The history is told on a page called Dutch Reformed Timeline.

A list of Dutch genealogy books can be found at a website called Genealogy Books.

The table below traces my ancestry through five generations on my mother's side from me back to my great great grandfather Dr. Johannes Jacobus Asuerus Ploos van Amstel. He was one of the dissidents of 1886 referred to above. A clergyman, his biography was related in a short book called Een Wandel Met God (A Walk With God) by Dr. L.H. Wagenaar and published in 1895.

Ds. Johannes Jacobus Asuerus Ploos van Amstel
11/2/1835 - 8/2/1895
Jacoba Elisabeth de Geer
7/10/1839 - 6/5/1869
Ds. Gerardus Ploos van Amstel
11/16/1867 - 12/18/1938
Anna Schut
10/17/1868 - 2/4/1948
Elisa Ploos van Amstel
3/29/1896 - 9/23/1943
Maria Floor
4/17/1900 - 10/7/1974
Maretta Ploos van Amstel
4/4/1924 - 5/9/2000
Adriaan den Ouden
9/18/1921 - 4/7/1997
Marco den Ouden
2/18/1949 -

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