The Baker Family Tree

The Baker Coat of Arms

Starting with Janis Baker, the Baker family on the Baker side goes back as noted in the table below.

not known not known
 William Baker
7/10/1858 - 11/15/1949
 not known
Alfred Allen Baker
6/19/1890 - 6/2/1966
birthplace: Tilbury, Ontario, Canada
Jeanie Jeffrey Muirhead
7/2/1897 - 12/31/1993
birthplace: Kippen, Scotland, UK

James Alexander Baker
12/1/1920 - 9/19/2003
birthplace: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Gladys Alene Baker
10/14/1921 - 1/23/1997
birthplace: Camrose, Alberta, Canada
Janis Baker
11/19/1952 -
birthplace: Killam, Alberta, Canada

Individual Profiles

Janis Baker James A. Baker tba Baker

Family Profiles

Marco den Ouden & Janis Baker
Jim & Alene Baker
tba Baker



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