Family Tree
den Ouden
Ploos Van Amstel

Above: the den Ouden family in Mexico - 2004

Welcome to the den Ouden Family Tree pages!

The pages are organized as follows:

  • Each family has a home page listing the genealogy of that family starting with the first representative of the family. The den Ouden family starts with myself, Marco den Ouden. The Baker family starts with my wife, Janis Baker. The Ploos van Amstel family starts with my mother. The Gosnell family starts with Janis's mother. Janis's maternal grandmother, Sarah Leola Gosnell (ne Sampson) has an extensive family tree so that is also included.
  • Each family home page links to relevant families by married couples, as well as linking to individuals in the family.
  • Each couple's page includes a generational chart showing the couple's children and parents as well as a history of the couple and their family
  • Each individual's page gives an account of that person's story where it does not overlap the couple's history

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