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Welcome to the personal website of Marco den Ouden! Here you will find some information about me, my family, my writing and my websites.

Family is very important to me and you'll find my family tree here. On my mother's side, I can trace our family back to the 11th century.  On my wife's maternal grandmother's side, the history can be traced back to her family's roots in Canada. 

I have been writing actively since my university days in the early 70s. These include various articles on politics, philosophy, and investing. Much of my writing, particularly on politics, is available only in esoteric print publications. This site hopes to bring to the internet some of my earlier writing as well as some obscure material.  I include a postscript in many of them to reflect on them now, whether i still hold the same opinions, and in some cases to suggest books or articles that may illuminate points.

I hope you find this site interesting and welcome comments and suggestions.


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