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Starting with Janis's Mom, Gladys Alene Baker, the Baker family on the Gosnell side goes back as noted in the table below. I haven't been able to track the Gosnell's past Janis's grandfather Joseph, but on her Grandma Lee's side, the family tree has been traced back on the Sampson side to 1688. You can see more details at Wiki Tree.

  James Nicholson Sampson
12/6/1801 - ????
Elizabeth Railton    
  Joseph Sampson
1/8/1826 - 6/5/1911
Birthplace: Saint Mary, Carlisle, Cumberland, England, UK
Margaret McCorquadale
1819 - 8/8/1902
Birthplace: Isle of Islay, Scotland
  Dougald Sampson
5/1/1859 - 5/29/1942
Birthplace: Duntroon, Ontario, Canada
Catharine Black
12/7/1865 - 8/8/1912
Birthplace: Ontario
Joseph Ernest (Joe) Gosnell
8/6/1885 - 1/6/1962
birthplace: Duntroon, Ontario, Canada
Sarah Leola Sampson
10/28/1887 - 12/12/1978
birthplace: Duntroon, Ontario, Canada
Gladys Alene Gosnell
10/14/1921 - 1/23/1997
birthplace: Camrose, Alberta, Canada

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Gladys Alene (Gosnell) Baker

James A. Baker

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Marco den Ouden & Janis Baker
Jim & Alene Baker
tba Baker



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