Ds. Johannes Jacobus Auerus Ploos van Amstel

Ds. Johannes Jacobus Asuerus Ploos van Amstel

J.J.A. Ploos van Amstel

The table below traces my ancestry through five generations on my mother's side from me back to my great great grandfather Dr. Johannes Jacobus Asuerus Ploos van Amstel. He was one of the dissidents of 1886 that founded the Christian Reformed Church. A clergyman, his biography was related in a short book called Een Wandel Met God (A Walk With God) by Dr. L.H. Wagenaar and published in 1895.

Ds. Johannes Jacobus Asuerus Ploos van Amstel
11/2/1835 - 8/2/1895
Jacoba Elisabeth de Geer
7/10/1839 - 6/5/1869
Ds. Gerardus Ploos van Amstel
11/16/1867 - 12/18/1938
Anna Schut
10/17/1868 - 2/4/1948
Elisa Ploos van Amstel
3/29/1896 - 9/23/1943
Maria Floor
4/17/1900 - 10/7/1974
Maretta Ploos van Amstel
4/4/1924 - 5/9/2000
Adriaan den Ouden
9/18/1921 - 4/7/1997
Marco den Ouden
2/18/1949 -

Ds. Johannes Jacobus Asuerus Ploos van Amstel

The picture below shows Vader Ploos as he was known, preaching in a garden setting.

Vader Ploos Preaching

De Dolerenden traces Vader Ploos's ancestry back a further four generations to Ds. Gerrit Ploos van Amstel, born in 1667, as shown in the table below.

Ds. Gerrit Ploos van Amstel
3/26/1667 - 8/1/1741
Geertruid Delhee
2/21/1670 - 12/4/1753
Pieter Ploos van Amstel
8/18/1704 - 7/9/1754
Johanna Lohoff
12/23/1720 - 11/24/1791
Jacobus Johannes Ploos van Amstel
9/19/1751 - 4/5/1812
Catharina Cramer
11/11/1765 - 10/26/1823
Johannes Jacobus Ploos van Amstel
6/11/1798 - 7/21/1882
Gerritje van Aalderink
9/4/1802 - 11/4/1838
Ds. Johannes Jacobus Asuerus Ploos van Amstel
11/2/1835 - 8/2/1895

The ancestry is traced back even further in Een Wandel Met God. That history goes back to 1105 but is not as clear or well organized as in De Dolerenden. The history starts with Wolfgerus van Amstel, Lord of Amstel, who was a witness in 1105 to Bishop Burchard. There seems to be an addition of the title Lord of Mynden somewhere along the line and the name changed to van Amstel van Mynden which is excessively long to say the least. The name became Ploos van Amstel in the 15th century.

Another picture of Vader Ploos, circa 1885