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Maretta Elisabeth (Letty) Ploos van Amstel
The Early Years

Tante Ank and Oom Ge admire their new baby sister Letty

Letty Ploos van Amstel was born on April 4, 1924, the middle child of a family of five children. Her parents were Elisa Ploos van Amstel, a businessman and Maria Cornelia Floor.

Her family moved to Indonesia when she was young and Mom and her sister Anneke stayed in Holland during the years leading up to World War II.

Mom was very close to her father and wrote a short account of his death in World War II for a book called Four Years Till Tomorrow. Her story is called The Ultimate Punishment.

When Mom passed away, we found a wooden box with seventeen letters from her family in Indonesia to her and her sister in Holland dating from 1935 to 1940. They are in the process of being translated and the ones with completed translations are linked below.

The Letters

Mom as a teenager

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