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I first got involved with the internet as a guide for About.com from 1997-2000 for the topic of Investing Canada. The company was bleeding red ink and re-organized in 2000, letting about a third of their guides go, including most of their Canadian guides. That's when I started creating my own websites. I started with a site called The Break Out Report, which was a feature I had at my About.com site. It evolved into a paid subscription investment newsletter. Here are the websites I own and manage. 

  • Readers Recommend: The Complete Index - a fan site for the Readers Recommend feature at The Guardian newspaper website. Some of my fellow bloggers started calling it The Marconium and that is how it now appears after a complete site revision in 2012.

  • The Break Out Report - formerly an investment website, it is now a book project and blog. I have barely started it and have been procrastinating a bit. But there is some interesting stuff there about the evolution of my political views. The book I am writing is called Paradigms of Freedom and will explore various conceptions of liberty through the ages, looking for commonalities and differences.

  • When to Sell a Stock - based on a series of articles I had at About.com and which I turned into an e-book.

  • Newsletterama - a website about investment newsletters. Needs to be expanded considerably as I only have covered about 55 of the thousands of newsletters out there so far.

  • Towards a Tax Free Canada - also based on articles I wrote for About.com. This site argues that it is not only feasible but doable for the Canadian government to effectively abolish the income tax over a fifty year period. It used to have its own url, taxfreecanada.org, which I failed to renew. They wanted too much money to reclaim it so it is now a subsite of the Break Out Report.

  • Fifty Best Stocks - based on my two books, The 50 Best Science and Technology Stocks for Canadians - 2001 and 2002 editions. Originally I was going to reproduce both books online and also start a new ongoing stock picking site with fifty featured stocks constantly being rotated  as old ones fall out of favour and new ones are featured. I got part of one book online including the entire 36 page introduction. And I started profiling new stocks.  But I lost interest so the site remains partially done but a lot more to go. After I retire I may go back and complete it.  But there is some interesting stuff there to read nevertheless.

  • Stocknowledge - this site attempts to recreate the Investing Canada site at About.com that I ran from 1997-2000. About.com and this site is a link aggregator with links to websites on various investment related topics.  It also contains original material written by myself. Many links have become obsolete over the years and I have started to revise and update them, but it is an on-going project and needs more work.  But still an interesting site to explore. The site, unrevised with some minor additions after I left About.com is here.

  • Vintage Railroads - just for fun I did this website to see how fast I could get a topical website up and running.  Based primarily on entries in an old encyclopedia from 1917.

  • Personal Website of Marco den Ouden - this very website

  • The Writer's Nook - a website with useful resources and links for aspiring writers. This is a work in progress and will be added to continuously. But there is already a lot of good stuff there.

  • Now and Then - a website of comparisons. This developed out of an old Eaton's catalogue from 1962 that I found on my wife's family's farm a number of years ago. It started out as a price comparison website. But it evolved into something more extensive. Since the .com, .net, .org, and .ca extensions for the name I wanted were all taken, I chose one of the new extensions available - .rocks. So of course I had to add a section on Billboard chart toppers over the years.

  • Harmony: An Anarchist Manifesto - This site is meant to tie in with the novella I wrote for the 3 Day Novel Writing Contest in 2014. Needs extensive revision and I may turn it into a website for a book I want to write called Harmony, subtitled either An Anarchist Manifesto of A Libertarian Manifesto. I may work on this as an alternative to Paradigms of Freedom noted above under Break Out Report. But it's on the back burner for now.

  • The Intergalactic Billionaire - nothing on this yet except the front page. But it is the website for another book I am thinking of writing with the same name. It will be a self-help book of sorts. Not unlike Think and Grow Rich, The Wealthy Barber and other books on wealth creation but with an entirely unique approach. The book has been started but I don't want to give away too much.



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