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I started writing after I started reading the writings of Ayn Rand while in University in the early 1970s. Before that, I really had very little to write about.

My first writings were letters to the editor of The Montreal Gazette and the McGill Daily. After I moved to Vancouver in 1974, I lost contact with fellow libertarians and didn't take up writing again until 1978 when I joined a local libertarian group and managed several newsletters for various organizations. Over that time I wrote a good number of articles, mostly on political and economic issues. A couple were reprinted as op-ed pieces in The Vancouver Sun.

In 1979, I became a "guide" for About.com (then called The Mining Company) covering the topic of Investing: Canada. I wrote a weekly article for the site for four years. In 2001 the company, which was bleeding red ink, laid off about a third of their guides, including myself.

My writing for About.com attracted the attention of an editor at MacMillan Publishers and I was asked to write a book for them, The 50 Best Science and Technology Stocks for Canadians: 2002 Edition. The company was sold to Wiley Publishers which published the 2003 Edition. The 50 Best series was discontinued after that.

After leaving About.com, I launched several websites on my own, most notably, The Break Out Report. This site continued my writing on investing and the stock market and in 2003 I launched a paid subscription newsletter of the same name. That ran for five years. The newsletter came out twice a month with one issue focusing on Canadian stocks and written by myself, and one issue focusing on American stocks and written by my business partner Ken Ballard. You'll find all my back issues by clicking the appropriate link in the menu at left. Most of the articles are on investing but some dealt with economics and other issues.

From March 2005 to February 2008, I was the Managing Editor of Leslie Scorgie's Rich by Thirty Newsletter, penning an article for each issue (or reworking an earlier article from The Break Out Report for this audience).

After discontinuing The Break Out Report in 2008, I stopped writing actively. In 2012 I tried to resurrect The Break Out Report but it didn't hold my interest and I discontinued it after a few months.

I have contributed articles to The Guardian website as part of their Readers Recommend music series over the last few years.

Now I am considering writing books again, with a book on political philosophy currently in the research phase.


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