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For several years now I have been following a blog called Readers Recommend at The Guardian website. The blog originated in September 2005, created by staff writer Dorian Lynskey. The idea was that he would throw out a topic each Thursday and readers would recommend songs on that topic until the following Monday. Dorian would then sift through the recommendations and pick ten songs to make a playlist and write a column for the newspaper based on his selections.

The blog and column proved very popular and developed quite a loyal following. I came across it accidentally around 2008. Dorian specified that previously selected songs should not be recommended again but the page tracking the songs already used was awkward so I took it upon myself to create a fansite tracking all the songs recommended and categorized them by artist, song title and more. I called that website Readers Recommend: The Complete Index. But one of the other bloggers started calling it The Marconium (after my blog name Marconius7). It became the unofficial name of my website and I officially changed it with a redesign after a couple of years.

In January 2011 it was discontinued as a newspaper column and became an online only feature. And in Sugust 2012, it stopped being written by a Guardian staffer and was written by volunteers from the blog community. I have had the pleasure of volunteering five times and my five columns are linked below.


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