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The College Years

"Meneer zelf" is how this picture of Dad
from his college years is labeled in the photo album.

The Tuinbouwschool at Noordwijk aan Zee (below)

Dad attended an agricultural college called the Tuinbouwschool in a town called Noordwijk aan Zee. In his old photo albums he sometimes put captions with the pictures. The caption for the school reads:

Oh Tuinbouwschool, oh Tuinbouwschool!
Ik zal je nooit vergeten!

which translates as

Oh Tuinbouwschool, oh Tuinbouwschool!
I'll never forget you!

Evidently college life agreed with him. He had a set of close friends there with whom he shared a flat. The picture below shows the apartment and is captioned: Our street, our house and our names. Their signatures are all on the picture.

Unfortunately Dad took up smoking in his college days and the picture below is captioned "Rokend trio" or "Smoking trio" in the photo album.

Rokend Trio

Like any young college student, Dad and his friends were into dating. Below is a picture of he and his friends in a group picture on one occasion. He is second from the left at the top. Note the girl standing beside him.

Did you recognize her? No? Well here's a close up of her.

Yes, it's young Maretta Ploos Van Amstel, his future bride! Below is another picture of the two in their dating years.

If you think they're a cute couple, you should see their kids!

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