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The den Oudens in Ontario

Here is a collection of photos of the den Ouden family when they lived in Ontario.

Our First House in Canada 1951

Baby Michael 1951

Mom, Dad and Baby Michael 1951

Mom and Baby Michael 1951

The den Ouden Family 1952

Mom, Dad and Marco
at Niagara Falls 1952

Our Home in
Waterdown, Ontario 1952
Above: Mom and Dad sometime in the early 50s, probably at Algonquin Park

Above: Dad, Marco and the Austin 1953

The den Ouden Family in 1953

The Family in 1953

December 1953: A Sister for Marco and Michael

Dad and a Llama

Michael and Marco 1954

Dad Gives Neighbourhood
Kids a Ride 1955

Opa den Ouden with Carolyn in Smithville 1955

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