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den Ouden Photo Album

Here is a collection of photos of Dad and his family prior to meeting and marrying Mom. More photos are in the Family Tree Pages.


Hans den Ouden 1946

Opa and Oma den Ouden

Mom and dad at somebody's wedding, possibly one of Dad's brother's around 1946

Dad and someone, possibly
his best man at his wedding

Tante Ineke possibly at her wedding.
Opa den Ouden with the glasses at left.

Mom and Marco 1949

Mom and Marco 1949

Dad and Marco 1949

Baby Marco 1949

Hans and Letty den Ouden 1949

Hans and Letty den Ouden Djakarta 1947

Mom, Dad, Marco
and Oma den Ouden

Mom, Dad and Marco 1949

The den Ouden extended family 1949


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